Last fall at the 2016 Annual Meeting, we officially introduced the DMRC Capital Campaign.  Early efforts have resulted in pledges totaling just over $50,000 towards our goal of $125,000.

The campaign was initiated after taking stock of our location in the current Birdland facility and the many opportunities we will have to tailor the boathouse to meet the club needs after Drake Rowing moves into their facility.  While the funds we raise will provide the means to make physical improvements to our boathouse, the Capital Campaign will help us during our lease negotiations with the City at the end of 2017.  Preliminary discussions have set the foundation for DMRC to gain some concessions from the City in return for making improvements to the property and becoming an anchor at the Birdland Marina in support of the revitalization being done in the Union Park neighborhood.

This will also lead to an opportunity for club members to earn volunteer hours as sweat equity will help us stretch our pledged funds and make the most of this opportunity.  Feedback from the DMRC community was used to develop a list of projects that we can complete over the next couple of seasons to improve the experience for our members while becoming part of the Birdland Marina revival.  Potential projects include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • New Access Ramp/Walkway to the Dock
  • Simple Landscaping at front of Boathouse
  • Patch the leaks in the Roof over the “finished” side of the Boathouse
  • Outside Signage for Dock Use, Club Identity, etc.
  • Building Security
  • Improved Toilet Situation (Yes…there are solutions out there….)
  • Radiant heat on “finished” side of boathouse to allow for year round training and on-site equipment maintenance in the off season

We will be posting information at the Boathouse throughout the 2017 season regarding the campaign, status of projects, and calls for volunteers.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to be involved in the Campaign, feel free to contact John Fleming ( or Frank Levy (  And, as usual, any of your Board Members are always available to answer questions.


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