2x/week coached program for 2016 Novice Program graduates. Coach will form crews for you each session, and you are free to sub into other crews on the nights you are not rowing. Participants will also learn to cox to enhance their skills.


Land training will kick off in April, and here’s a run down of what you can expect:

Monday April 17th – Meet at Boat House (Evening Start Time TBD)

                  1) Program overview and expectations

                  2) Rowing, Water, and Boat House Safety

Wednesday April 19th – Meet at Boat House

                  1) Equipment maintenance overview

                  2) 1/2 of the participants (group A) de-rig and transport the boat(s) that will need to be needed at Gray’s Lake

                  3) 2nd 1/2 (Group B) initial training on cox theory

Monday April 24 – Group B meet at Gray’s Lake; Group A meet at Boat House

                  1) Group A – initial cox theory at Boat House

                  2) Group B – Meet at Gray’s Lake; de-rig boat(s) and transport from Gray’s Lake to Boat House

Wednesday April 26 – Meet at Boat House

                  1) 2nd 1/2 of Cox theory/training

Coached rowing sessions on the river will start on Monday, May 1st.


What do these coached rowing sessions entail, you ask?

The post novice graduate program will provide structured coached rowing two times a week.  Coaches will provide lineups for practice and will set workouts each day. All you have to do is show up!

Sessions will focus on technique, drills, speed work, endurance training, race plans, video review and general fitness.

This program will go beyond the fundamentals that were taught and developed in the first year novice program and will allow rowers to focus on proficiency, increasing strength and speed. Workouts and drills will be tailored to the needs, levels and goals of individuals and crews. Coaches will set lineups, providing the opportunity to row with other club members at the same level who have similar goals. Coaches will provide feedback on and off the water to help individuals reach goals, whether they are recreational or competitive.  For individuals interested in racing, the coaches will organize crews to find the best lineups and develop race plans.  Coaches may be available to travel to regional races to assist with race day logistics.

This on river coaching will run from May 1st through the Head of the Des Moines.


Other Benefits:

Other benefits of this program beyond acceleration of developing your rowing skills and increasing your overall knowledge of the sport, participants will be able to participate in the early Summer regattas, such as the Minneapolis Sprints in June! This is a great way to network and meet more club rowers beyond just your initial novice year crew.



Post Novice Graduate program cost will be $250.00 membership fee (discounted!) plus an additional $150.00 for coaching. That cost covers over 40 coached rowing sessions, cox training, safety and equipment training, acceleration of your rowing skills, endurance, and a great opportunity to meet a lot of fellow rowers.  As a point of reference, if your crew were to secure coaching outside of this program, you could expect to pay between $7-$10 per participant per row for coaching.



If you choose to not participate, you would register as a Regular Member and you will form your own crew, and secure a cox, equipment and an available time (guidance will be provided). The membership fee will be $300.00


DMRC Capital Campaign

A donation to the Capital Campaign of $25, $50 or more is strongly recommended. This is charged separately and can be completed after your registration. Visit our Capital Campaign page to learn more and to access the donation link. A link will also be provided after your registration.


Post Novice Graduate with Coached Row Program