The Des Moines Rowing Club is run on the volunteer power of its members. We ask that each member contribute at least 15 hours of volunteer time a year, with at least 5 of those hours going toward Head of the Des Moines regatta activities. This volunteer hour stipulation is considered part of your annual dues. Of course, many of our generous members are enthusiastic and committed contribute far more hours beyond that minimum. Additionally, volunteering is a great way to meet other club members and build out a network of future potential crew mates.

To organize our volunteer activities, we use an application called When we need volunteers for a specific activity, our volunteer coordinator will send out an email request, with a link to the page for that activity, so you can sign up for the activity, day, and time that fits your schedule.

In addition to the structured volunteer events, the following are also considered volunteer efforts: committee meetings and club-level planning, coxing, sweeping the docks of debris, sweeping the boathouse, picking up trash around the boathouse, washing towels, weed control around the boathouse, PR planning and participation, and any equipment maintenance upon direction from the equipment manger.

During the winter, the volunteer coordinator will review the volunteer log to see that all members have completed their volunteer hours. When you renew your membership in the spring, your completed volunteer hours from the previous year and your dues will be combined to make you a member in good standing for the upcoming year, which enables you to row in club boats.


Volunteer hours: 15 hours a year with at least 5 of those dedicated towards Head of the Des Moines Regatta


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For club volunteering activities, please contact our club volunteer coordinator.

For Head of the Des Moines Regatta activities, please contact our regatta volunteer coordinator.