How to register your new Skeeda account

  1. Register to be a member of DMRC – Click Here
  2. A club member will create a new account for you with Skedda Booking
  3. You will receive an email from ““. Add this email address to your safelist.
  4. Click the link in the email from Skedda Bookings to “Confirm account and setup login” or “Setup your new login”. This will open up a web browser for you to provide a password.
  5. Within web browser, choose either of the login options to create a password or link it to a different account.

General Guidelines for Equipment Reservations

  • Reservation time should be for the rowing time (dock to dock) and not include muster or time to return the equipment. This allows for hot seating a boat and the schedule to reflect when the equipment is being used.
  • Cancel a reservation any time the equipment will not be used and as early as possible. This allows others the opportunity to use it.
    • If the reservation was a recurring items you can cancel just a single occurrence similar to MS Outlook.
  • Add the list of the crew members, using first and last names, in the “Title” field of the reservation.
    • All members of the crew must be registered members of the club prior to the scheduled row.
  • Reservations at this time are only for two months.
    • This is to better see 1) where we may need to make adjustments to the registration process, and 2) where there may be equipment shortages at high demand times (typically M-TH evenings).
    • Best practice to maximize the use of club equipment is to allow for two reservations for a boat at peak times (e.g. weekday evening a boat can be taken out twice).
      • If you are unable to reserve equipment during peak times because current bookings do not accommodate equipment being used twice, please email with your request.

Viewing Reservations

  • Log into or use one of the hyperlinks to the right.
  • It is suggested to add “” to your safelist as all notifications of successful reservations will come from this address.
    • If an Admin cancels/changes your reservation this same email address will let you know of the cancelation/change.
  • What date are you looking for?
    • In the upper left hand corner is a date field.
      • Click this to choose a different date
      • Default date is the current date.
    • If you use the “List” option then you can use the “My Bookings” to just display your reservations.
  • What type of equipment are you looking for?
    • All equipment is grouped by
      • Style:  Sweep or Sculling
      • Number of seats in the boat
      • Location: River or Lake the size and type of boat
    • Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen and there will be a drop down you can select to change which group of equipment is displayed.
      • Select the equipment group you want to see.
  • Equipment Name
    • All equipment follows a standard naming convention
      • Number of Oars per person: Sweep = 1, Sculling = 2, Sweep/Scull (e.g. 2x-) = 3
      • Number of seats in the boat
      • Boat Letter
      • Name of the boat if there is an official decal on it
    • Example: 1:8D-Caliente (sweep boat, 8 seats, Boat letter is D, name is Caliente)
    • The stern of every boat has been labeled with the same standard naming convention.
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