At the March 22 equipment registration social, we rolled out the new equipment scheduling tool (powered by Skedda app).  All the details can be found under Member Resources, but if you are a frequent rower, you may want to bookmark this page:

Key benefits:

  • Allows for real time equipment visibility
  • Allows captains to unschedule their equipment when a row is cancelled
  • Allows boats to be taken out of the fleet for repair, along with auto-communication to those crews impacted
  • Allows for at glance view of equipment availability, which is especially helpful for those one-time rows
  • Allows for better analysis on which equipment is most used to help in future planning

As in prior years, best practice to maximize the use of club equipment is to allow for two reservations of a boat at peak times (e.g. weekday evening a boat can be taken out twice).

  • If you are unable to reserve equipment during peak times because current bookings do not accommodate equipment being used twice, please email with your request.
  • If you reserved equipment for a time that does not allow for another crew to use your equipment during peak time, you may be asked to shift your reservation by a few minutes.

Shout out to John K, Tiffani S, and the crew of testers who helped launch this app, and to Katherine H for her years of Google form and list management, and ongoing reservation approvals.

New online equipment scheduling tool now available

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