2019 Accomplishments

This year was all about offering erg clinics when the weather and water did not allow us to be on the water. Starting in November (including New Year’s Eve) we spent many hours teaching erg technique to military veterans.

Nielsen-Kellerman supports Des Moines Adaptive Rowing​Nielsen-Kellerman supports Des Moines Adaptive Rowing

Adaptive Membership Initiative is proud to announce the Nielsen-Kellerman company has generously donated a $500 grant to our program.

Freedom Rows

Freedom Rows Supports Des Moines Adaptive Rowing

Adaptive Membership Initiative announces a partnership with the USRowing’s Freedom Rows program partially funded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.


Read more about what it takes to run a successful adaptive rowing program.

2018 Accomplishments

High waters lead to a challenging year but it didn't stop us from accomplishing great things.

2017 Accomplishments

The arrival of our first 2x rowing shell and the start of it all.

An Idea Is Born

Read more about how we got started back in August of 2014 and meet our first two AMI rowers.