River Level Policy

As a member of the Des Moines Rowing Club, your safety is of paramount concern.  Pursuant to that objective, DMRC has instituted the following river safety guidelines to be observed by all club members rowing club equipment.  These guidelines are presented using the flow rate of the river in cubic feet per second.  This metric provides a measure of how quickly and strongly the river is flowing at any given time.  The flow rate guidelines are to be compared to readings taken at the Second Avenue river gauge.  Failure to observe these guidelines could result in suspension of club privileges.

High, fast water isn’t the sole hazard of our ever-changing river.  There are also times when the water is heavy with debris or at extremely low levels and, as a result, unsafe to row.  Please watch for condition specific announcements on our Facebook page following periods of very heavy or very little rain to understand the current river safety situation.  If at any time you are in doubt about whether to launch, consult your coxswain or the Club Safety Director and err on the side of caution.

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