Programs Overview

Learn to Row & Novice Program: $25 & $190

Interested individuals over the age of 18 and new to the sport of rowing can register to attend a 2-hour Learn-to-Row session for $25. This session, taught by experienced DMR members, introduces participants to the basics of rowing. After completing a Learn to Row session, attendees have the option of signing up for a 9-session Novice Program, which delves deeper into technique. Our Learn to Row & Novice Program page has more details on the program and how to register.

Masters Program: $380

Rowers above the age of 21 are considered master rowers, the age group that forms the bulk of the Des Moines Rowing Club. While many of our rowers have graduated from our novice program, we welcome rowers and coxes transferring from other clubs. Our Programs Registration page covers the steps to register as a new or returning Masters rower.

Collegiate Summer Program: $190/summer

Rowers at ages 19 and 20 are are not old enough to row at the master level. We welcome these rowers and will try to offer a rowing experience at their level. Typically, rowers in this age group are collegiate rowers who join DMR to train during the summer in sweeping and/or sculling. Register for our collegiate summer program.

Youth Program
$25 learn to row; $300 novice; $380/session for returning rowers

High schoolers under age 19 train in our Youth program, an adult-coached program with regular practices and opportunities to compete at regattas out of town. Youth learn both sculling and sweep rowing. The youth run their own Learn to Row days in the spring and summer. The year is divided into a Spring, Summer and Fall session and are $380/session.  Learn more about our Youth Program.

Accessible Membership Initiative:
$190 novice; $380 master

Our Accessible Membership Initiative (AMI) welcomes anyone who is interested in trying rowing in a safe and controlled environment. Because of our specialized equipment we are able to take guests out on the water after 15 minutes of land instruction. We follow up with extensive training for anyone who wants to become a rower and ultimately, offer para-rowing to those who want to compete. Currently we work with people who have spinal cord injury, vision impairment and PTSD. We welcome the opportunity to serve challenged athletes outside of these three demographics. Learn more about our AMI Program